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Anyone who’s ever purchased a home can tell you that the amount of paperwork involved in credit checks, employment verifications, insurance statements, and inspection reports is enormous. Even a small error, such as a missing date on a form, can slow down the process and complicate matters, which then creates stress for both the buyer and the seller.

The STA Digital Employee can automate these applications that execute routine, rules-based tasks without human intervention so that the buyer and seller can have a smooth and seamless mortgage loan experience. Being able to streamline efficiency by supplementing existing workflows, avoiding the costs of having to invest in upgrading software, and changing the way you process your mortgage loans today has been a game changer for mortgage companies.

A key opportunity for process and workflow automation lies in identifying and resolving errors and exceptions that today require a high level of human intervention. A high percentage of errors and process exceptions in mortgage lending are routine and can be resolved by applying clearly defined rules-based algorithms. STA is ideally suited to automating the resolution of these errors and exceptions, as well as clearing the bottlenecks that frequently hinder mortgage origination.


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