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What is RPA Hospitality industry?

Automation has played an integral role in the hospitality industry for years, but Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a new player in the space. There are dozens of use cases for RPA in the industry, many of which reduce manual tasks and processes which are typically the responsibility of front-of-house staff or Sales department. The result – teams are able to spend more time focused on the customer and less time on manual processes.

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RPA Use Cases in Hospitality Industry

The following are use cases in the hospitality industry:

  1. Employee Scheduling
    • Scheduling can be one of the most laborious and frustrating tasks for managers. With RPA, rule-based logic can be setup which can build schedules, communicate with employees, and provide notifications to management when employee hours deviate from the projected schedule.
  2. Complaint Management
    • Managing complaints and providing timely resolution has a critical impact on a customer deciding to return to a property. RPA can ensure your process is streamlined by managing complaint notifications, expediting refunds, and ultimately, following up with these customers into the future to preserve brand loyalty.

RPA Benefits in Hospitality Industry

  1. Employee Turnover
    • The hospitality industry is traditionally a high turnover business – employees tend to work long hours, interact with a wide variety of customers burnout quickly. RPA can take a high percentage of the manual tasks that your team is responsible for and automate them. Not only does this reduce the workload on your teams, but it leads to higher employee engagement and satisfaction.
  2. Improved marketing and sales capacity
    • Data is powerful, but only when it is actionable. RPA can tie your Sales and Marketing together by automating the process of marketing last minute cancellations via your Marketing Automation System – it can tie your inventory management system directly to your CRM. In addition, RPA can also create customized reports which will allow you to gain better insight to the relationship between seasonality, pricing, and the competition.