What is a Discovery Bot?

A software that is installed on users’ computers during the work hours. It analyzes the patterns of repetitive actions, instantly identifies time-consuming processes and shows what percentage of time can be reused more efficiently. It can automatically analyze your teams performance in business apps, discover what processes can be streamlined, and increase productivity by more than 30%.

What you can track with the Discovery Bot Dashboards
  • Most time-consuming apps What applications your employees spend most time in.
  • Most time-consuming websites What websites your employees spend most time on.
  • Active and passive time Active and passive time of your employees, average work starts and end time, the time spent on routine activities.
  • Routine dynamics by day The dynamics of potentially productive time, i.e., the time of employees that can be used more efficiently than it has been used at the time of analysis. It is calculated as the sum of potentially productive time of the employees and multiplied by 100%.
  • Apps by category Number of apps used by employees in percentage/by category.
  • Scope of routine tasks Employees with the lowest and highest scope of routine tasks.
  • Potential cost savings Cost of work time, including active and passive work time Cost of time spent on repetitive tasks.
  • Total time by category The analysis of the app categories that takes the most part of the work hours.
Enterprises face a number of challenges when it comes to manual measuring of teams and business efficiency

TIME-CONSUMING TASKS The bigger a company the trickier it becomes to measure the efficiency of hundreds of employees dispersed among multiple units and various roles.

HUMAN ERRORS Outsourcing your productivity measurement tasks may become costly especially when it comes to various teams with multiple functionalities and complex KPIs.

LOW EMPLOYEE MORALE Manual productivity analysis becomes less relevant over time which lead to the new time-consuming and costly assessments.

HUMAN FACTOR Face-to-face interviews and lengthy questionnaires are not always the best solution if you are striving to get the real business picture.

Benefits of a Discovery Bot

Accuracy and Relevance of Analysis Get accurate and relevant statistics, daily detailed insights on your team activity.

Cost efficiency Use cost saving tool instead of outsourcing your productivity measurement tasks.

Accelerated and simplified process Automated productivity analysis eliminates manual labor and significantly reduces time spent on performance analysis.