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What is RPA in the Accounting Industry?

RPA in the Accounting industry provides a dramatic advantage for small and medium sized firms to improve their operational efficiency and reducing costs.

RPA solutions utilize software “robots” that will mimic tasks traditionally done by your employees. Many of these tasks consume time a daily or weekly basis and tend to be the tasks which are prone to human error.

With RPA, your team can improve accuracy as well as shift time to business-oriented tasks which can more effectively leverage your firm’s time. Watch our video to learn more about RPA in Accounting or click Learn More for more information.

RPA Use Cases for Accounting

The following are three of the top uses of RPA we typically see for small and medium sized businesses in the Accounting industry:

  1. Month-end client account reconciliation
    • While most accounting programs facilitate the flow of data into Quickbooks and other accounting software, RPA takes the process to a new level. RPA can improve upon the automation currently in place by also automating budget reforecasts, customized report generation (such as labor and marketing reports), along with many other time-saving automations.
  2. Excel data manipulation
    • Excel is used in just about every accounting firm to develop budgets, reforecasts, and reports. Simply Automate can reduce (and in many cases eliminate) the time your team spends on many of the manual tasks which are completed in Excel.
  3. Tax preparation
    • Do you have clients that tend to file last minute or have difficulty getting information to you needed for taxes? We can help you automate much of the communication needed to collect this type of information as well as build customized reports for your team that will serve as early warning systems when financial metrics deviate from the norm.
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RPA Benefits in Accounting

  1. Save time.
    • RPA can reduce, and often times, eliminate manual tasks and workflows. If your team is spending time on repetitive or redundant tasks, RPA can help to streamline those activities and save your team hours week-over-week on those tasks. In addition, if there are tasks which occur on a monthly or seasonal basis, we can help your team automate the workflows so they occur without any labor cost or ongoing effort.
  2. Improve accuracy.
    • Even the most seasoned Accounting professionals can make mistakes. And, while today's accounting software can automate quite a bit, RPA can make your process much faster and much more accurate.
  3. Create more engaged employees.
    • In today's workforce market, talent is hard to attract and even harder to keep. We can help automate much of your manual work which is time consuming, and, sometimes less enjoyable, leaving more productive time in your team's schedules while reducing frustration -- a true WIN-WIN!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Accounting is a way for your business to save time and money. At Simply Automate, we specialize in creating affordable RPA solutions for accounting firms with a strong focus on helping small to mid-sized businesses. Our team will work with you to evaluate all of the manual, redundant, and tedious tasks and business processes that your accounting firm faces, and then develop a solution that will quickly and accurately automate those tasks and processes in as little as 30 days. Contact us today to get started!