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Gartner – Move Beyond RPA to
Deliver Hyperautomation

This Gartner report discusses the challenges organizations face in strategically delivering scalable end-to-end automation with more than RPA alone.

According to Gartner, “RPA may provide quick relief as a noninvasive form of integration. However, processes are not always simple, routine, repetitive, and stable. They may be long-running, and they often involve intelligent automated decision making and optimization. The real challenge — to scale beyond the initial few low-hanging fruits of routine processes — cannot be solved by a single tool or with siloed strategies.”


How Hyperautomation Can
Help Your Business

The RPA market is in a phase of disruption and it’s only getting busier. As new offerings, vendors, and models are emerging rapidly, RPA alone is no longer enough. To increase business agility, IT leaders need to stay ahead of market trends and maximize the breadth of RPA use cases.

Gartner projects that this renaissance in RPA is part of the bigger trend of ‘Hyperautomation.” Hyperautomation refers to an approach in which organizations rapidly identify and automate as many business processes as possible. It involves the use of a combination of technology tools, including but not limited to machine learning, packaged software, and automation tools to deliver work.

Most businesses don’t understand what RPA means much less Hyperautomation. The technology and the price tag may be over their head. However, small and medium-sized businesses have a much easier time for automation and growth. Having someone with inside knowledge will help change the game.

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Find out what Hyperautomation means for your business and get key insights and recommendations on how to stay ahead of this trend by reading Gartner’s latest research on 2020 predictions for RPA.

By 2024, organizations will lower operational costs by more than 30% by combining Hyperautomation technologies with redesigned operational processes. This is the New Normal and every business will need it to stay competitive. Get a better understanding of how RPA can help your business.