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Before there was the Simply Automate Inc. Group, there was a group of individuals that built an amazing genuine connection and friendship. Through shared values of compassion, empowerment, and passion for the purpose to make real positive change, they began working together, establishing a vision to help educate business leaders of any type and size. With dedication, persistence, research, and continuous market feedback, we built a company on a strong foundation of core values and principles. Now we have built a community for you to have access to this culture and learn everything you need to know about RPA and Automation. Engage with some of the world’s top Technology and Business leaders when you join our community.


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It will give you a clear understanding of how YOU can see the value of RPA coming from your view. Everyone has a different way of doing the same process. This document shows you how you can streamline your processes, no matter how different each person may do it. But at the end of the day, have the data they are looking for. This is the time you must understand what RPA is. Every business will have some kind of RPA integration by 2027, or they will seem to exist.