Keeping up with ever-changing technology has always been a challenge. Now COVID-19 has accelerated the learning curve, leaving many business owners feeling the pressure to adapt or be left behind. The Business Empowerment Podcast is a show that will keep you ahead of the times, technology, and business trends. Each week you will hear personal stories and expert advice, teaching you how to leverage the right technologies and mindset practices for your business in order to enhance performance and increase revenue. Listen to featured guests who explain how the business, health, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment industries are incorporating technology and serving customers in new ways. The transition to a new normal is already here. It’s time to empower yourself and your business. Less

Junaid Ahmed: Building Systems for Freedom

Today on the Business Empowerment Podcast Junaid Ahmed shares how he identified his number one business skill and focused on sharing it with the world. Listen in as Junaid reveals how he helped create solutions during the pandemic, learned to take on new roles and opportunities, and the importance of documenting your journey.

Junaid Ahmed has been a user experience designer for over 15 years. As a UX professional. I use the user-centered design philosophy to come up with solutions. He is also the host of the Hacks and Hobbies podcast.

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Frank Mengert: How to Avoid Technology Regret

Today on the Business Empowerment Podcast Frank Mengert inspires listeners with his best advice for avoiding technology regret and how companies are utilizing technology during the pandemic for benefit administration. Listen in as Frank discusses assessing the technology you already have and the importance of putting your needs first in order to serve others.

Frank Mengert is a successful entrepreneur, nationally recognized speaker podcast, host and thought leader. He’s ignored the naysayers and his humble beginnings to build the life he always wanted and inspires others to do the same.

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Melahni Ake: Creating Purposeful Relationships Through Technology

Today on the Business Empowerment Podcast Melahni Ake shares how she utilizes technology and marketing experience to create relationships, strengthen her brand, and connect people with their purpose. Listen in as we discuss the importance of creating consistency in your life, how to serve others by putting yourself first, and how Melahni uses streaming technology and podcasting to bring people and purpose together.

Melahni Ake is the CEO of Make Connections For Life, LLC a Leadership Development and Consulting Company. It was after a 10-year career with the largest private medical device manufacturer in the world that she decided to take one of the biggest risks and pivots of her life and resign from her comfort zone to experience a new challenge. Melahni is a certified leadership development coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. She is also a Best Selling Author, a Personal Leadership Coach. Melahni is the Founder of Everyday Leaders and Live Leadership Development Events, as well as a Speaker and Corporate Trainer. She is also the host of Everyday Leaders 50in50 Podcast which celebrates Everyday People that are overcoming obstacles in their own lives.

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Anthony Hall: Creating Future Opportunities with Today’s Technology

On this Business Empowerment Podcast, Anthony Hall shares his passion for providing opportunities for the next generation by building a business that showcases today’s technology. Listen in as Rob, Wilton, and Anthony discuss building a business that is part of a community, not asking permission to innovate, and being mindful of your wins and successes.

He shares his best advice for generating belief and excitement around your product or serve. In this episode Anthony discusses trusting and believing in your product first, creating a platform for your audience, and utilizing storytelling to captivate investors.

Anthony Hall, HISP, is an IT veteran (hardware and software development) with over 27 years of experience in business development and sales. He is the Founder of The Rose of Education Organization (TREO), Inc, a Space Tourism industry startup. TREO’s Vision is to be a leader in Space Education, Entertainment and Exploration.

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Eduardo Rodriguez: Building a Team You Can Trust

On this episode of the Business Empowerment Podcast, Eduardo Rodriguez continues his conversation by sharing the best and worst business decisions he’s made when recruiting a team. In this episode Rob and Eduardo discuss learning to trust your intuition, using personality tests to find the right fit for your team, and understanding what potential candidates stand for before working together. Eduardo also shares the importance of leading with values and creating an environment that is safe and empowering.

Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez is a Digital Expert with 20 years in the IT industry from Entrepreneur to working in Big Corporates as a Tech leader in different positions, and are often referred to as an Intrapreneur.

He is currently Lead Frontend Architect, member of the Culture Embassy and the Innovation Forum, at the insurance company Fremtind in Norway. He is writing on his first book, “The Digital Culture”, where he describes his claim that it is PEOPLE FIRST, Process second, and Technology third, through CULTURE.

He is a well-known person in the LinkedIn community, where he is sharing his thoughts and interacts with his “LinkedIn fam” as he calls them. He is also the Co-founder/Leader of “Los Digitales” – An influential Hispanic community and “Leader Support Group” – A group of mentors and experts to aid Leaders & Entrepreneurs that suffers in silence.

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