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Unlimited Processes/ Any Complexity

Workflow Analysis

Our RPA Analyst will create a workflow based on the process you chose to automate. We will also help identify other areas of your business where redundant tasks or processes can easily be automated, while improving the inefficient workplace layouts and bottlenecks.

Bot Design, Development, & Deployment

We have designed a program that will take you from conversation to deployment in 30 days. No need to wait months to learn and deploy automation when all you need is right here.

Private Teams Group

We will create a Microsoft Teams group so our team will be able to communicate and record all meetings with your team. This will help us all be able to stay updated on the process and eliminate any unnecessary delays.

Performance Analytics

We will help uncover areas of your process that can be improved using automation technology. This can help eliminate legacy programs and outdated processes.

Bot Monitoring

We will track and report every action your digital employee makes so you can collect the data you need to help improve your current process.

Custom & Tracked KPIs

We will build a custom key performance indicator (KPIs) that will track specific data and convert it into useful metrics that can be measured and reported.

ROI Calculator

See how much money and time you are saving before you even get started. This will show you the true value of automation and how it can impact your business from the beginning.

Solution Architect Meeting

Meet with an Simply Automate Inc. Group Solution Architect so you can start identifying areas of your business that can easily be automated without interrupting your daily schedule.

Discovery Bot

Our discovery bots allow you to identify repetitive, automatable tasks, which will then track the inputs of each employee. You then get the information collected in a dashboard on your web account, filtered by user, application and giving you the total automatable time. You will know exactly how much time could potentially be saved by automating the identified process.

Real Time Bot Monitoring

You will have real-time updates on where you are in the process. Follow along as we build your digital employee to go live.

RPA Analysis meeting

Have access to meeting with an Simply Automate Inc. Group Solution Architect once a month. Understand how to maximize your current systems and maximize your business applications.

Company Portal

You and your staff will have access to the Simply Automate Inc. Group staff with your own private company portal. You will be able to engage and communicate with industry leaders. You will also have access to all the current technology trends, workshops, webinars, training and so much more so your technology pivots are smooth and productive.

24/7 Online Support

Having issues or need to make changes to your current Digital Employee? Email ticketing is available 24/7 with a 5-hour response time. If urgent, then phone or online call will be set up.

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