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RPA Consulting

If you already have your business processes but need refining, changes, and adjustments then RPA is the perfect opportunity. Whether your processes are a perfect ten or need a lot of help RPA will allow you to improve your current process tenfold. See the value and a fast ROI before investing a dime.

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Automation Business

Whether you face a major expansion, system obsolescence, or competitive pressure to increase efficiency, developing an automation strategy to help you meet your goals is going to be key to your success. We provide a range of automation strategy services as part of our Automation Business Consulting offering.

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Digital Transformation

We aim to increase efficiency, competitiveness, and accessibility by transitioning businesses to digital technology. Digital Transformation is the gateway to growth. Doing it the right way will allow that to happen from day one.

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Accounting and CPA

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, enabling businesses to grow in size, productivity, and revenue. If you’re a CPA, an accounting firm, or an auditor, you can benefit from software advances. In fact, automation has made it simpler than ever for businesses to run day-to-day operations. Best of all, workflow automation solutions enable humans to do more with their time, increasing efficiency and productivity and letting everyone do higher-level, more interesting work.

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Medical and Health care

For businesses in the medical field, there are many tasks to consider beyond treating patients and delivering quality medical care. There are countless forms to fill out and keep track of. Patients have to fill in many different types of forms. Health practitioners must keep detailed, accurate records of each consultation. In addition, personnel records must be kept and managed. Shifts have to be scheduled, ensuring there are enough individuals to work at the center or facility at any given time.

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From personal and commercial insurance underwriting and on-boarding, to policyholder services and claims processing, STA’s Digital Employee is already making a major impact. This impact is being experienced firsthand in the way that insurers operate and improve customer service, while reducing cycle times and cutting the heavy overhead burden.

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In the manufacturing sector, automation is everything! Process automation can make or break a business. Without it, the company will find it challenging to keep up with production demands. With it, however, the business will be able to soar to new heights. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a way to increase productivity and grow as a business. When you automate office processes that are tedious but necessary, you eliminate human error while freeing people to handle far more interesting work. It’s a win-win, regardless of what your company manufactures.

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Banking and Finance

The Banking and Finance Industry is completely process-oriented. Every activity goes through a stringent process of completion and is executed meticulously in order to avoid processing errors. Considering the repetitive tasks within the banking and finance industry, the chances for human error increase, which in turn results in losses.

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Both online and brick-and-mortar retail businesses deal with numerous processes and paperwork. There are sales, returns, and exchanges. Online, there are product databases and descriptions. You need to schedule employee shifts, track hours, and ensure you have enough employees present during peak hours to tend to customers and create great customer-related experiences.

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HR and Payroll

STA is a solution in which our Digital Employee can take over standard and repetitive activities that are currently carried out by humans. Our Digital Employee is not a physical machine. It’s a program that acts as a virtual co-worker in the support of business processes. It assists with basic tasks and reduces the time and costs that are spent on these processes.

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Law Firm / Legal

Is your law firm inundated with volumes of paperwork that constantly need processing? If it’s like most law firms, the answer would be an emphatic YES! These repetitive, tedious tasks need to get done. The good news, however, is that you don’t need to waste valuable time or resources on them. When you implement efficient business automation systems, you streamline these ordinarily time-consuming tasks and free yourself up for more interesting and rewarding aspects of running your law firm, like defending your clients, prosecuting criminals, and growing your law practice.

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Real Estate and Property Management

Are you inundated with forms to fill out? Do you wish there was a better way to handle the volumes of paperwork involved with walking your clients through buying and selling properties? You’re in luck; there IS a better way! And It’s called robotic process automation (RPA). RPA is essentially your digital employee that works 24/7 365. RPA solutions help increase efficiency and also support the growth of your Real Estate business. When the tedious tasks that have to get done become automated, you benefit in countless ways.

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Anyone who's ever purchased a home can tell you that the amount of paperwork involved in credit checks, employment verifications, insurance statements, and inspection reports is enormous. Even a small error, such as a missing date on a form, can slow down the process and complicate matters, which then creates stress for both the buyer and the seller.

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In the hospitality industry, where customer expectations for a positive experience run particularly high, process automation provides the means for overcoming consumer expectations. Being able to deploy solutions that deliver personalized, efficient, and unique customer service has become the key to attracting and retaining guests.

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Identify a manual process that is repetitive and rule-based so the implementation is productive and learning curve is fast.



Create a workflow so you can see the benefit and ROI before development.



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Go live so you can focus more on client and customer interaction, relationship management and other activities where humans naturally excel.

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ElectroNeek Overview by STA Group

What is really impressive about working with ElectroNeek is their tech team, which is constantly growing and getting better. And the products - Studio, Orchestrator - they really lead. We have worked with many RPA vendors, and with ElectroNeek we are building things that we couldn’t do with any other vendor, even the biggest ones. Another huge plus is the price. You wouldn't be able to find such an affordable price anywhere nowadays.

Wilton Rogers
STA Group CEO and ElectoNeek Implementation Partner on working with ElectroNeek during the project