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Understanding RPA is the key to fast and simple implementation. But it doesn’t have to take months and years to master. It can happen in less than 5 hours of your time. Getting caught in the weeds of RPA will take you off the focus on how it can help your current processes. STA Group has built a process that will help you implement, learn, save, and give in 30 days. Check out our Top 10 RPA Do’s and Don’ts page to get a clear understanding of best RPA practices.


This pandemic has caused a lot of closures and millions to lose their jobs. Automation is helping businesses pivot and pivot fast.

After years of mistakes, and thousands of hours of strategizing, we have built a process that will erase the technology skepticism and learning curve by building a digital employee for you in 30 days. Free, forever.

We have created a process where we only need about 4 hours of your time to:

  • - Build an End-to-End process.
  • - Learn how to take advantage of RPA in other areas of your business.
  • - Save time by automating a process that was completed manually.
  • - Give your team more time to bring more creative opportunities to the firm.
  • - We will do it in 30 days. And it’s Free.

We built a process to help your business out at no cost to you. All you have to do is fill out the questions to see how. RPA Questionnaire

We asked CEO Wilton Rogers a few questions about their

Q: How are you giving it away for free?
A: “When you have built a team that is looking to help first, we are rewarded. We have been rewarded, and this is the way for us to give back and teach others what we know. Without any risk and just a few hours of their time.”

Q: Why are you giving it away for free?
A: We have a team that has confidence in our knowledge and the experience to lead. We understand these tools and sharing with the world will shorten their learning curve. As a team, we agreed that proving our method first with, no expectations in return, would be our internal model. Letting businesses see it, feel it, and get something out of it first will allow them to see the value.”

Q: How are you doing it in less than 5 hours of their time?
A: “We know that everyone’s time is limited, especially during our pandemic. We have created a process that will give us what we need to build, give them what they need to learn, and allow for immediate growth potential.”

If you are serious about learning more about RPA and would like to see how this can benefit your company, click on the link below and fill out the questionnaire.

RPA Questionnaire

Before you start, your first 30 minutes should be looking at the video below and reading “Best Practices for Robotic Process Automation Success” by Gartner (25 minutes). Then all you need is about 5 hours to become a master of RPA for your firm in 30 days.
Let’s get started