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CEO of STA Group

(Business Technology Consulting Firm)

Decades of business experience can never prepare you for an economic downturn. Many businesses do not know how to pivot when this happens. Through the businesses I owned and corporations I worked for, I realized that most of them would have been closed by now, or will not make it through this pandemic. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t know-how.

Getting business feedback from people that “supposedly” have the knowledge, or having that “it worked for them it must work for me mentality” will be one of the biggest reasons for the flop. Getting a clear understanding of where your business is today is the first step. Designing a plan to maximize your current applications, programs, and software is the next. Implementing a plan is the final step to knowing how to take full advantage of technology, without having to invest a lot of time and money. Being able to see your ROI before committing allows the skepticism to go away and the value sinks in.

I have owned businesses and worked in the corporate world for over 25 years. I know the mental strain it takes to own and run a business. Getting the education you need to understand how to take full advantage of automation will turn your business around overnight. I will share my experience and knowledge that will help you locate areas you can improve the minute we are done talking.

I am knee-deep in the automation industry and know how to take full advantage of your current setup, without paying a dime. Just a simple 30-minute call and you will have learned how to make tomorrow easier.

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COO of STA Group

(Business Technology Consulting Firm)

I am a philanthropist, businessman, musician, husband, and father that loves technology. Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving in leadership roles for various sectors, from corporate to nonprofit. Marketing, promotions, public relations/speaking, and business development are my most valuable skill sets. Every day I wake up looking forward to being able to utilize all of my knowledge and experience to empower people to make decisions that will ultimately improve their lives.

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Lead Developer

(Business Technology Consulting Firm)

Nipuna is the Lead Developer for the STA Group. He has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a masters and advanced certification in RPA. With 8 years of experience in the IT industry, including 4 years of extensive experience in RPA, Nipuna has gained knowledge in many sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Shared Service, and Finance.

Handling customer inquiries, proving L2 support, designing RPA architecture, and providing pre-sale support are just a few leadership roles on his resume. He has played RPA Manager and RPA champion roles in the CoE(Central of Excellence) team as well.

Nipuna has extensive RPA experience working with Automation Anywhere, HelpSystems, and UiPath.



Project and Sales Manager

(Business Technology Consulting Firm)

Dimitry is a Systems Engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with an emphasis on information systems security. He has extensive experience taking over computer network infrastructures and computer systems as the network administrator for large corporations in New York and Texas since 1998.

Dimitry has direct contract sales and small business owner experience, with knowledge in software engineering languages, focused on Web and App Development. He is STA’s team leader and coordinator.