manual processes
in your business
in 30 days or less.

Let bots save your team time and money
so you can focus on more mission-critical
business functions.
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Benefits of RPA


Save time by eliminating manual processes


Re-allocate human capital to higher impact tasks in your business


Improve employee retention by offloading repetitive tasks and workflows


Have an error-free process that can work 24/7

How Easy is it to
Implement RPA?


Identify a manual process that is repetitive and rule-based so the implementation is productive and learning curve is fast. Get an idea of how your business can benefit from it.


Create a workflow to compare it being done manually to it being automated as well as the cost so you can know your ROI before going into development.


Build the process with all the "what ifs" and triggers so you can see the benefits the minute it's deployed, while giving you the knowledge needed to identify other areas.


See the immediate return once you go live so you can witness the instant value your company will experience.


All four steps completed in less than 30 days


"As a client of Wilton and his team, I highly recommend seeing what these guys can do for you. They are saving our team hundreds of hours a year, in turn, saving us thousands!!"

Jacob Walters, Head of Accounting, Patriot Properties
Marvin Romero

"Within 3 weeks of having our first conversation we had an automated process. It was amazing to see how the team put this together in less than 30 days during the month of Christmas. SA definitely came through for my business and gave my staff time to work on more critical tasks."

Marvin Romero, Owner, Law Office of E. Marvin Romero
Leon Harris

"I first thought that there is no way they Simply Automate could automate this very old, legacy system process but if they did I would be amazed. Well, I am amazed! Not only did they automate the complete process, but we were able to duplicate it for all 5 of our locations. This was truly a game change and we now have plans for a lot more."

Leon Harris, Manager - Project Management, Canam Steel Corporation

RPA has truly emerged as a key enabler for process automation and here is a testimony from one of our clients that is seeing tremendous growth and opportunities now that they have seen the value it brings.

We serve the SMB and SME markets and as our happy client Guy D. Gemmer Jr. can attest with his 5-7 person team in the property management industry, we can make a massive difference in how your time and money get allocated as a business owner.

Meet Chris Gantz. CEO of Patriot Property and a satisfied customer. See how Simply Automate and our team helped him through his processes. RPA helped them reallocate their time and energy on better, more important things.

Case Studies

Hundreds of projects delivered in 5 years+

RPA for Accounting and Finance

The financial industry is faced with unprecedented challenges in 2020. Companies can fortify their standing by using robotic process automation(RPA) for finance and accounting functions and focus on bringing more value to their customers.

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Must have game plan before investing in RPA

There is so much RPA data out there that it can be confusing. Knowing who to talk to and trust can be a long and tiring journey. RPA is changing the way businesses operates, but very few are yet to jump on the bandwagon.

There isn't a business out there that can't benefit from RPA. Knowing how to implement it, for long term success, takes years of trial and errors and thousands of conversations to master.

Not anymore! There are resources out there that can help. You just have to walk through the door. Knowing this is a "must know" service, start now.

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RPA is growing faster than experts expected

According to a new Forrester report, the RPA market is expected to reach $22 billion by 2025. RPA software is expected to be at $6 billion while services reaches $16 billion. 2021 was the first year that RPA service recorded more revenue than RPA software. All this is expected to take a major jump in services because organizations are starting to see the value and looking at more way to implement RPA.

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